These rubrics can be used to evaluate individual departments or programs and majors that span multiple departments.

We use the term ‘department’ to refer to the unit of analysis you intend (e.g. program, department, or major).

The use of the term ‘faculty’ throughout the rubrics is meant as a generic term for the range of possible titles for all those who are instructors in any course that is part of the program being evaluated.

In the PULSE Vision & Change Rubrics, scores are based on an evaluation of the whole of the program or major – including all types of courses, such as online or hybrid as well as traditional in-person classes. Throughout the evaluation, but in particular when evaluating faculty practices and faculty support, we expect that all courses, no matter who is teaching them, will be a part of the scoring.

Data collected using the rubrics are extremely valuable in understanding the landscape of teaching and learning that exists nationwide and how it is changing over time. Thus, we are very interested in collecting data from departments who fill out all or part of the rubrics. We have established an online rubric data entry portal.

Data analyzed from the portal are used confidentially and separated from institutionally identifying information.

Portal users are also able to see and use their own scores and evaluate development of teaching and learning practices in their department over time. 

For the short Snapshot Rubric, click here.  For the complete set of five rubrics, click here.